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Emperors of Rome

Жанр: лекции по истории на англ. языке
Исполнитель: Prof. Garrett G. Fagan
Издательство: TTC
Год выпуска: 1997
Описание: They are said to be the most powerful rulers who ever lived—a checkered mix of the wise, the brutal, and the unhinged. For more than five centuries they presided over a multi-ethnic empire that was nearly always at war, if not with neighbors then with rebellious factions within the empire itself. The full scope of their powers was not systematized in constitutional law, a fact that tempted many of them to overreach disastrously; and the lack of clear rules of succession meant that most of them died violently.
Доп. информация:

Course Lecture Titles

1. The Shape of Roman Imperial History
2. The Roman Republic
3. Caesar and the Suicide of the Republic
4. The First Emperor—Augustus
5. The Powers of Augustus
6. Succession Woes
7. Livia Drusilla, Empress of Rome
8. The Early Years of Tiberius
9. The Would-Be Emperor—Sejanus
10. The Mad Emperor? Caligula
11. Killing Caligula, Finding Claudius
12. The Odd Couple—Claudius and Messalina
13. Power and Poison—Agrippina and Claudius
14. Artist and Assassin—Nero
15. The Trouble with Christians
16. Dynasty's End—The Fall of Nero
17. The Long Year, A.D. 69
18. The First Flavian—Vespasian
19. The Last Flavians—Titus and Domitian
20. Pax Augusta—Nerva and Trajan
21. Trajan in Rome and in the East
22. The Eccentric Emperor—Hadrian
23. Antoninus Pius, Marcus Aurelius, Lucius Verus
24. Marcus in the North and Commodus
25. Civil War and Septimius Severus
26. Caracalla and the Severan Dynasty
27. Emperor and City
28. Emperor and Empire
29. Emperor and Elite
30. Emperor and People
31. Emperor and Soldier
32. Chaos
33. Aurelian, Diocletian, and the Tetrarchy
34. Constantine—Rise to Power
35. The Christian Emperor—Constantine
36. Reflections on the Emperors of Rome
Тип: аудиокнига
Аудио: MP3
audio_bitrate: joint stereo

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